Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The more, the merrier?

It seems I can't stop sewing or playing with the size of the those scrappy mini tree blocks. ;o)  My latest round includes slightly taller mini trees from the first set I made (letting me use even more of my scraps - gotta love that!).
 Please note, the inspiration behind these scrappy blocks comes from Crazy Mom Quilts (click here for her pattern titled: Trees).
Besides scrappy mini trees, I've been busy making pom poms and some festive binding for upcoming projects.

Here's the latest version (shown on the left side in the following pictures) paired up with the first of the mini versions I shared.

I keep telling myself that I'm not turning these into a quilt - they must become something on a smaller scale (to increase the chance of them not heading to my WIP pile ;o).  I already have a stack of quilt projects in the works... and I'm trying hard not to add to that list! 

That means I must resist the temptation to continue making more of these fun little blocks.  What do you think the chances are of that happening? ;o)


  1. So so love these... Wanted to ask if it's ok to copy your idea... Or if you are going to put out a tutorial or a want to make these...LOVE THEM!!!

  2. They really are adorable! Love them made up in all the different color ways!

  3. Your mini tree blocks are really wonderful. As my daughter Rozarka said: "Never mind if they are green or blue, they are happy!" :) Can I make an one for me, please? :) Jola

  4. Hi Katherine! I can understand how you can't stop making these! They look beautiful, simple and fun! Would be a lovely quilt, pillows, table runners, place mats etc. x Teje

  5. Such a sweet and simple pattern, love it!

  6. They're all gorgeous, and the next time I take project photos there WILL be pom poms :D

  7. All the blocks you've made are so pretty, but I love the red ones the best!

  8.! But who could resist? They are SO sweet! What size are the two variations Katherine?


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