Wednesday, December 2, 2015


This week, I decided it is time to tackle some unfinished seasonal projects that I keep tucking away (year after year...).  Maybe you remember my  snowman block?
Mr. Snowman with the scrap fabric auditions to give him a happy border!

My snowman is looking so jolly that after last night's late sewing session that I may not be able to resist finishing him today.  Although he's not the only one on my finishing list. ;o)  My design wall is currently completely covered in seasonal WIPs that I pulled from the shelf. Yikes!

P.S.  I'm now on Instagram Instagram  ! Come visit me @sew_me_something_good

I'm just starting out and have a learning curve ahead of me, but so far I've found it a wonderfully friendly and support venue. I think I may become addicted to this platform - so quick and easy for sharing.


  1. I love the fabric you used on the pom pom! Very cute all around.

  2. I love your snowmen. I have a few seasonal projects that I am trying to finish up as well.

  3. Oh, i just love those!
    Great choice of fabrics!
    Kram Maja

  4. Such a bright and happy snowman. Love the colors.

  5. I have a couple of seasonal items I keep putting off year after year as well - they're not as cute as your Mr. Snowman, though - get him done - he's too cute to be hiding away!

  6. IG has virtually taken over from blogging Katherine! I can get fifty likes on a photo yet maybe only 6 or 7 comments on my blog! I find it rather sad, after cultivating a blogging base, to have it neglected like it is....
    Anyway, lovely to have you there! And Mr Snowman is very cute and deserves to be finished!

  7. Love your block. I also started following you on IG.

    Robin in Washington State

  8. He is so cute! Enjoy your holiday prep ; )

  9. Katherine, he's just adorable! You're so clever!


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