Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Trees!

Quickly sharing a peek of just one of the projects I'm in the midst of at the moment. 

Can't tell you how happy these cheerful trees are making me!  Favourite colours, fun prints and a dottie background.  Fabric bliss. ;o)

Still playing around with a layout and debating on adding a few more to this festive forest.  Lovely way to spend a snowy day indoors.  How's your seasonal sewing or gift making progressing?

Linking up with Lorna and friends for this week's ...
Sew Fresh Quilts

Wishing you some blissful stitching!


  1. Love, love, love your sweet, colorful trees!

  2. These are so cute. Love the colours and fabric patterns.

  3. No matter how you end up laying it out, its fantastic! Love those fabrics!

  4. I.

    Nope, not done gift making - I keep adding new projects to my To Do list, lol. I added 3 panty bags to the list by offering to make them for our son's girlfriend (she's such a darling, I'm happy to do it) ... I made a gift for my son's secret Santa recipient (another project I offered, LOL) ... I have 4 pillows and a gift for the 3 neighbour kids to make yet. I don't know what I'm making the 3pack but I can at least get started on the pillows and the panty bags :D

    1. OOPS, the 3 neighbour kidlets aren't getting the 4 pillows along with their gift - the 4 pillows are for other people, lol. I got up so early this morning that I'm already in need of a nap!

  5. Truly festive but what? no tree trunks?

  6. These are such bright and happy trees! I love the colours too! I have been making a lot of quilted cushions for gifts this year myself. Fun and fast!

  7. Super sweet! How large are you planning on making the quilt?


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