Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kitchen stitching

This week I wrapped up another scrappy bit of sewing for my kitchen. It's one of those projects that once you finish, you ask why it took you so long to get around to it. ;o)  
  A pair of circle potholders/oven mitts that made good use of those long, often wonky strips of fabric leftover from squaring up yardage and quilted to batting scraps.  My favourite part?  The self-made, double fold bias binding.  It was a treat to sew on to finish the edges, no corners to slow down for. ;o)  
Once again, I chose corduroy to use for the backing (love the extra thickness it adds and that it's soft!) and simply added pockets to protect my fingers.  Next time, I think I will make the pockets a little higher, but time will tell if this is necessary - I haven't given these a workout in the kitchen just yet.
Pretty, practical projects made with scraps. ;o)
 Looks like I'm all set to handle the hot stuff and the linen tea towels have already seen some action.  Amazing how a few scraps can add up to some unique and useful items that will be fun to use. Yay, for sewing with scraps!  Here's the links to those earlier scrappy kitchen projects if you missed them.... oven mitts... and tea towels. Wishing you all some happy stitching time this weekend! Linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday!


  1. These are so so cute! I'm always finishing projects and thinking the same as you, why didn't I do that sooner! HAHA! These add just the perfect touch of Valentine's! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. As I have probably said before, these are so pretty and too nice to use in the kitchen! My husband, who is the cook in our family, would have them ruined in no time. A while back I made two placemats. A little time later I realised I couldn't find one of them. It seems like, after a bit of questioning, it was harmed in a cooking mishap and was resigned to the rubbish bin! UGH!

  3. Gorgeous!! Did you make those little, crocheted hearts too!!

    You have serious talent, thank you for sharing it!

  4. Really cute - but I love the mitts!

  5. Bellisimos !!! y muy bien aprovechados los retales !!!!

  6. Very nice! I love that binding!

  7. Cute! The quilting is perfect for them

  8. What a pretty display of projects perfect for Valentine's Day - you should bake or make some V-Day goodies and post them with the appropriate accoutrements :D Your pretty jingle bells certainly trump MINE! :)


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