Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Sewing Room Reveal

Happy to finally share a look at the room I get to call my "studio" in the house we've moved to.  Not only is it exciting to have a lovely new space to work in, I'm finally starting to feel a bit more settled after all the upheaval that is a part of moving.  We love the new place we're renting!

It really helped that nearly all the furniture I had for my sewing space could be disassembled for ease in the move (yay for IKEA furniture!).  Thankfully, I made sure to label and keep all needed components together for the reassembly.  It made things a little less painless. ;o)
With all the furniture reassembling, I started to get well acquainted with Allen keys and screwdrivers! ;o)
The fun really began when I starting unpacking my boxes of fabric to start organizing the shelves.  I told my sons it felt like I was opening presents!  What a joy it was to unleash all those wonderful colours and see the shelves filling up!
Unpacking is way more fun than packing!
One new addition to my studio is a cutting table.  For years, I have been using our dining table as my cutting station and although that was fine, it was time to have something at a better height for my back. ;o)  Inspired by something I had found on Pinterest, I configured four wire shelving units from IKEA (the Omar units), to be the base of my cutting table.  Not only did this create a table at a better height, it gave me excellent storage!
The wire shelving units from IKEA work beautifully as a cutting table base. They are adjustable, stable and give plenty of storage with the height being just right for easy cutting when a top is added to them.

Initially, I had hopes of finding a table top on the used market that would work for me, but no such luck.  Fortunately, my husband came to the rescue and made me a top that works beautifully and was economical to make as well.  Added bonus is that I will still have the ability to flat pack all the components for any future moves.
Check out the size of that cutting table - it measures 48" x 72"! Lots of room to lay out projects and needed tools.
My Janome is set up along one short end of the cutting table and my hubby has plans to boost the height to match my cutting surface to give me ample support and space when machine quilting.  Stay tuned on that project!
Love that I have all my fabric storage along one wall and my cutting table in the middle of the room.  I have plans to set up my vintage machines parallel to the fabric shelves (which would be the foreground in the photo below). There is a huge window at one end of the room and the wall at the opposite end, will eventually become my design wall. A pretty good set up for me. Plus, did you notice?  I even have lights in the ceiling (another first for me)!

I am thrilled to have all this space to work with and it's likely I'll continue to tweak a few things as I spend time using this set up. 

All the storage cabinets along the wall are from IKEA - the Magiker line which came out in the late 90's and all bought used during the past 6 years for a fraction of their original price. Wire shelving units that form table base are also IKEA and still available retail.

 Honestly, it just seems so wonderful that if I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up. ;o)

 If you're interested, check out the links below, to show you how my sewing room has changed through the years.  I've come a long way from only storing my fabric in huge rubbermaid tubs. Good news is that that my storage solutions were second hand finds, making this possible on a thrifty budget.

My creative space started out looking like this in the
spring of 2010

Here's what my sewing space looked like  summer of 2010

My sewing room looked like this in the summer of 2011

My last sewing room update in the previous house was in the summer of 2013
Hope you enjoyed my little tour!


  1. Wow your space looks wonderful.......

  2. Congrats on being settled! And lucky you having such a lovely space to create in.

  3. It all looks wonderful Katherine- plenty of space, light and, most importantly, fabric!!!

  4. Check out all that organization! What a beautiful studio! Color me envious! XO

  5. This looks like a magical place to play! I love looking at your fabric cabinets!

  6. Hi Katherine! Oh, looks fantastic! It's so great to get everything in place and order! Your furnitures are super! I can imagine how excited you feel to start new projects! x Teje www.nerospostbox.wordpress.com

  7. Love your new sewing room So much lighter and brighter. Ikea makes great storage. I think I will go garage saling this weekend and see if I can score some used cabinets!

  8. What a gorgeous space! I really need to sort my craft room out

  9. Oh lucky you - your sewing room is so big and bright and pretty! So much storage - I bet you're ready for some fun sewing after all the work of moving! I hope you're settling in nicely - moving is a huge, stressful job!

  10. Wow! Lucky you for getting a sewing room (with pot lights - hurrah!). You've done a splendid, and frugal, job organizing all your lovely sewing supplies. I bet that your sewing room is your 'happy place'.

    I can hardly wait to see more of your creations!

    happy thrifting ;)

  11. Your new space looks wonderful. I hope you have many happy hours of sewing in it.

  12. So big, so comfortable and so pretty! You must be very happy!


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