Saturday, November 26, 2016

Scrappy Tree Gift Tags

Following up on my initial post on handmade gift tags for the holidays (showing tags that I stitched fabric strips onto cardstock), is a set made from scraps stitched onto canvas. **

  The fabric for the trees are the corners cut from trimming half square triangle blocks. I hang onto these tiny triangles to use as leaders and enders for my sewing, but honestly, I much prefer to use them for ideas like this one, where they can be enjoyed!

I didn't bother affixing the triangles to the canvas before stitching around the shapes with a contrasting thread a couple of times.  I wasn't aiming for perfection, I love the fact that each one is different wonky, although I am simply repeating the idea. 
 If you've worked with canvas, you know that depending on its weight, it can fray and then it will fray some more.  My tags began by using some thrift store canvas from my stash, then I decided to add a backing fabric (which I attached fusible interfacing to first) afterwards, I stitched around the perimeter of the tag to join the layers together and prevent fraying.  Tuck a stamped piece of twill tape between the layers to make the tag a little more fun!  Eyelets finished off the look, and kept the cut-out from fraying.
The temptation I now face is making a whole forest of tree tags as I love these so much! Don't say I didn't warn you, if you decide to try this idea. ;o)

**I used my tag die in my Sizzix Big Shot to cut them out of canvas so that I could make multiples quickly and easily (however,  you could draw or trace a tag shape you like and then you can cut tags by hand).


  1. Very sweet Katherine! I see many more trees in your future!

  2. Hi Katherine! These are so cute, fun and beautiful! Happy scraps can make the best things! You had a great idea! x Teje

  3. These are just too cute, I love them!!

  4. Did you use a template for the size and shape of the tags themselves? Did you design it yourself? Purchase one? Trace a purchased tag?


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