Monday, December 19, 2016

Reindeer Games

My sewing machine and I have been keeping close company most evenings, happily stitching.  This time of year, my creative mojo goes into overdrive and I find myself with so many ideas of things to make.  I love how the more I allow my creativity a chance to play, the more it wants to play. ;o)
This sweet little reindeer is a fussy cut from the Garland line of fabric from Cotton+Steel and works beautifully as the center of an economy block.

Months back, I treated myself to some Cotton + Steel fabrics from the Garland line.  The colours drew me in - no surprise, plus those prints are very charming! I kept the selection of fabrics stacked in sight, knowing that inspiration would strike and it has (many times actually, because these fabrics are just too delightful not to encourage project ideas).

The Melody Miller print, Merry Memory, sparked the idea of making some economy blocks using fussy cuts, so I began by stitching up a couple of test blocks.  Delighted with the results, I've been working on making a few more blocks, with the plan of turning them into a seasonal cushion cover for this pillow.  I think it's safe to say, that I won't be stopping with one project using these great little blocks.


  1. I love that the creative ideas flow for you at this time of year. I find the harder I look for Christmas sewing inspiration, the further it slips from my grasp.... Love the economy block- it is perfect for fussy cutting!

  2. So cute and beautiful blocks, Katherine! I can understand you wanted those fabrics! Economy block is one of my favourites! Happy Christmas time! x Teje

  3. These are so cute. Love the pinks and reds.

  4. These winter blocks look sooo cozy! Have a nice Christmas time!! :) Jolana

  5. I love that collection and your fussy cutting brings out the fun even more!

  6. That reindeer is killing me with the cuteness!


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