Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A bit of Patchwork Love

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today, I'm sharing glimpses at a couple of projects that I'm currently playing with. Scrappy patchwork is something that constantly calls to me and I find it so rewarding.  My low volume fabric scraps were stacking up, so I decided they needed to be put to use! Sewing these tiny bits of fabric is something I find intriguing (you don't know exactly what the end will look like until you're done ;o) and very relaxing.  
Smitten with scrappy patchwork - low volume fabrics make a great background for some machine applique!
My desire to sew all things with hearts hasn't ended, as you can see from the new collection of hearts I have in progress (with more cut and waiting their turn at the sewing machine ;o).  I obviously haven't managed to turn all my ideas into finishes in time for Valentines Day, but I don't mind. 

Ideas have been sparking, so I'm enjoying the process of dreaming and making, immensely. 

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  1. Scraps are even prettier as a stack or pile ;) In my dungeon they're shoved into plastic containers (either from empty dishwasher tablets or from spinach/salad :D). They're sorted by colour so seeing them stacked is quite a lovely sight (even though my containers are hideous)!


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