Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sew Happy

Pretty bits of fabric and a pretty little vintage machine make for a very happy way to spend an afternoon.

Love my vintage Singer 221K!

 This little beauty was a Mother's Day present from a few years back and each time I stitch with her, I marvel at the beauty of this machine as well as her perfect stitches! 
It is almost  impossible for me to resist the temptation of sewing with scraps - especially bright and happy coloured ones. I don't even have a plan for these as of yet, I just wanted to sew them together and see where they lead me! I love the possibilities they present and enjoy the process even more listening to the soft purr of my vintage treasure as we stitch some magic together.


  1. Sewing little scraps together is something I like to do, too. =) What a pretty little pile....

  2. Singer sewing machines make the most perfect straight stitches!

  3. Your vintage sewing machine is darling! I really envy you having such a treasure to sew on!

  4. I say don't resist the urge to sew with scraps - it's very good for the soul to play with them! ;)


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