Friday, February 10, 2017

Stitching Hearts for the Kitchen!

 A year ago, I made a pair of linen tea towels embellished by some scrappy patchwork and they quickly became my favourites.  They are pretty AND practical! It's been in the back of my mind for awhile that I needed to sew another pair and when I found a series of  tiny hearts sewn from strips tucked away in my WIP bin, I had an "a-ha!" moment. ;o)  Sometimes the best ideas are right in front us!
Linen works beautifully for tea towels - it is absorbent and it will soften over time.

I followed my earlier version to make the second pair of tea towels, the only change is an increase in the width of the ruffles. 
The patchwork hearts were "quilted" to the linen to make sure they could withstand  regular laundering.
Look close and you will see that the ruffles have wee pink hearts printed on the red fabric! I love a theme.
Double fold binding covers the raw edges of each tea towel, adding a pop of colour and a sweet finish.  Let's face it, it also gives the opportunity to add another fabric from my stash. ;o)
Hearts are for everyday!

The pleasure derived in a finish - even a little project like this one, just makes me want to do a little dance of  joy! 

I'm linking up my latest finish with Amanda Jean and friends over at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday!


  1. These towels are adorable! A finish, no matter large or small, is an awesome feeling and worthy of the finished-it dance. Love the bottle of jingle bells.

  2. Your towels are so sweet and perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day! The kitchen definitely shouldn't be left out of decorating! Great idea.

  3. Ooh love the hot red bright shiny Kaffe hearts!!! Doing the dishes just became fun. Beautiful work, Katherine!

  4. What a sweet project! The Kaffe hearts are such a delight, and after looking at the binding, now I'm craving a peppermint. I love the way you staged your photos, too. Is that "made with love" item a cookie cutter?

  5. How pretty! They're sure to make you smile each time you use them. :)

  6. Oh they are so sweet - what a gorgeous way to celebrate Valentine's day :)

  7. lovely, I wish I could figure this out myself ! beautiful pictures too.

  8. Aaaaaaaah those are so pretty! How do they hold up to being washed? I always worry about that, because my kitchen linens end up doing a lot of cleaning up behind me and my spills ;) I have similar cookie stamps! I bought them @ Christmas to stamp cookies for when the kids come over - I'm sure they think it's corny, but I enjoy doing it :D


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