Friday, March 10, 2017

Bright Idea

I was sifting through some of my sketches recently and I came across a tulip block that put on paper, months ago.  

Now seemed like as good a time as any to give this design a whirl! My block*** is inspired by a tulip block by author and designer, Nancy Martin.  Her block can be found in her perpetual calendar (365 quilt blocks in a year) from That Patchwork Place. I've made several design changes; from the shape of the tulip (and the way it's pieced) to the sizes of the leaves and the way the stem is pieced. 

Spring being just around the corner (despite snow falling again overnight and this morning), stitching up a tulip block seemed like a fun way to ignore winter weather.

The pink version was my first test and I liked it so much, that I soon found myself cutting out scraps for the orange version!
No plan yet, on exactly what I will make with these blocks, for now it's just fun sewing them up and playing with bright colours and lots of low volume fabric! 

If you are a long time visitor to my blog, you likely know that you don't find me sewing with the colour yellow (as much as I love bright, happy colours) as it is the one colour I find that can be overwhelming.  A little goes a long way, when it comes to yellow, in my opinion.

However, I do have a few bits of yellow in my stash (mostly from swaps) and the one I chose to use for my third tulip block came as a giveaway prize from a lovely lady in the Netherlands (way back in 2008?).  It seemed only fitting that this tucked away piece should be sewn into a tulip!

I now have a trio of cheery tulips brightening up my sewing room!  The temptation to sew more is upon me, but I have some deadline sewing that I need to get onto, so I think this trio may be it.  I am so glad I came across my sketch in time to add a little Spring-time cheer indoors while the outdoors is struggling to kick winter to the curb. ;o)
Wishing you sunny days and happy stitching!
***EDITED to add: 
 I'm currently working on a pattern for these blocks and will share as soon as it's ready!  
Thanks to all expressing interest in my design. 


  1. These are so beautiful and springish, Katherine! Great fabric choices! Teje

  2. Well you know I'm !LOVING! this as it's on the same order as your weekly blocks with the brights and low volumes. Your design makes delightful Spring tulips. I just have to have a similar quilt in my future as I just can't get enough of what you are sewing these days!

  3. Wow! I've never seen a tulip block before! They are so vibrant and pretty!

    Happy thrifting ;)

  4. I am just loving all your fabric choices these days!

  5. Well, we are having amazing Summer, sunny days here in Melbourne, so thank you for organising that! Your tulips are delightful! Yes, yellow needs to be used sparingly but it does add a bright and happy place for the eye to land on! You must have a great stash of green fabrics- I don't think you have repeated any one in these pretty blocks!

  6. Pretty spring tulips - just what we need for this bit of winter we're finally getting when spring is due, rather than at the beginning of the actual season, haha. Current windchill -19C - a bit nippy! I know spring will come, so we just need to gird our loins, grit our teeth, and wait a bit longer ;) At least we have some pretty flowers to look at to help us get through the very Canadian weather, lol!

  7. Hi Katherine! Are you planning to share a tutorial, or release this as a possible pattern purchase? I LOVE tulips, and I might even like these fabric tulips better than the real flowers! LOL...


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