Saturday, May 20, 2017

Button Bonanza

Years ago, I happened upon a large ziploc bag of buttons at a thrift store, that nearly left me speechless. It was one of those "can this be for real?" moments. The bag was filled to bursting, with cards of buttons in all colours, sizes and styles. There was even multiple cards of some buttons! I eagerly popped that bag of buttons into my shopping cart, knowing that I had scored a major find.

The buttons were originally stock from a local fabric store chain that closed down.  Apparently, some of the unsold inventory was donated and by some sort of lucky timing, I happened to walk into the thrift store housing the button bounty!

All these lovely buttons are kept in a glass gallon jar on a shelf in my sewing room, ready to be sorted through whenever I need buttons for a project.

Love sewing buttons on by machine! I have been doing it for years and long before a specialty foot was designed for the task. These days I'm spoiled because my Janome 8900 comes with a stitch setting specifically for sewing on buttons, as well as this ever so handy foot - to make it easy-peasy!
 This week, I took that jar off the shelf to search for possible candidates to finish a blouse I have been making for myself.  The tricky bit would be finding nine matching buttons in a small size, but I figured it was worth shopping my stash first.

My blouse is McCall's M5522 and the lovely, all cotton fabric, is from Windham Fabrics, designed by Heather Ross (from her Far, Far Away 2 Collection in 2014).

I lucked out! My lovely new blouse is now sporting these fun wood/metal buttons all found in the button jar. Woohoo!


  1. That stash of buttons is definitely found treasure! Your blouse is sewn beautifully!

  2. Wow! I love those "is this real?" moments at thrift stores!!! Beautiful job on that (unicorn?) blouse. Buttons stored in large jars are a beautiful thing!!

    Happy thrifting ;)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love the blouse, fabric and buttons!

  4. What a find. I love vintage buttons and have many from my grandma's sewing days.

  5. Now that was a happy find indeed. And you found enough buttons for your new blouse. It's all good. And beautiful! Happy day. Brenda xox


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