Saturday, November 25, 2017

A new venture!

Sometimes what you have been looking for is right in front of you! This fall, I was invited to stop by an impromptu garage sale hosted by my lovely friend, Heather and in conversation with her, an idea was sparked and a dream rekindled. Years ago, while busy raising our families, we would talk enthusiastically about our love of vintage and thrift store shopping, even daydreaming a bit about how fun it would be to have a shop selling such treasures.
A sample of the vintage Christmas fabrics we have for sale @sewgoodvintage

Last month, we decided that we would follow that dream and start a business together. We are selling vintage fabrics, patterns, notions and vintage sheets online, from our new Instagram business account @sewgoodvintage. We already have a sizeable inventory (so stay tuned as it's taking a bit of time photographing and tagging each item to be uploaded for viewing/selling) and we continue to search for more vintage treasures to offer to our customers. Further plans are being discussed, but the exciting part is that we are taking action on a dream and full of enthusiasm to be sharing vintage goodness with others! Pop by @sewgoodvintage on Instagram to see what we have been up to and perhaps find a vintage treasure or two that you might want to claim. ;o)


  1. oh goodluck...........great to be able to make a dream reality..........

  2. Best wishes for a successful business venture!

  3. Congrats! I just subscribed to the IG account.


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