Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Finish - Scrappy Zipper Pouch

A small, yet satisfying finish for this week!  Amidst house hunting and getting ourselves ready to leave our summer rental home on the mountain, I sewed some of my low volume fabric scraps together to make a zipper pouch.

Scraps were sewn onto a remnant piece of batting and then quilted using a built in stitch on my Janome Horizon 8900.  This simple wave stitch adds wonderful texture and can be altered in length and width, which will modify the arcs of the wavy pattern.  I thought it best to keep the wave pattern in the default setting to complement the scale of my pouch.

Fussy cuts add the finishing touches of whimsy to my scrappy zipper pouch.

Once the quilting was complete, I cut a front and back for my pouch.  I love that each is different and that each is comprised of many scraps!

Prior to assembling my pouch, I sewed on a few fussy cuts to add  bits of text and a sweet fabric "stamp" to the front.   These are easy to make, with Therm-o-web  fusible adhesive to make securing them quick and permanent (I like to topstitch the perimeters for the look it gives).

Most of my sewing supplies are in storage from our first move this year, so even a little finish like this one, delights me! I have been making do with only having a few basics with me (mainly, fabric + thread).  Luckily, a trip to a thrift store, during the summer, netted me over a dozen assorted zippers - saving me time and money (cheaper than retail and less trouble than a trip to the storage unit to dig through packed boxes to search for a zipper ;o) and provided the perfect zipper for this pouch. Yay!

The time to pack up my temporary sewing set up for our next move is nearly upon me. The stress of house hunting has been offset by every stitch I put into this little pouch and it's why I may see if I can whip up another between now and moving day. ;o)

Happy stitching!


  1. So cute! I love the little birds and owls mixed in.

  2. A sweet make that will remind you of your summer in the mountains!

  3. Such a cute pouch! I love your basket of fabrics too. Both have wonderful summery color. I told myself just yesterday that I need to stop buying fabric pieces just because I like them and start buying collections instead. So I will probably be buying BOTH now. LOL.

  4. What an adorable zipper pouch! And the look of those fabrics in that basket is yummy. I want to reach out and grab them! I know how it feels to have fabric and sewing supplies boxed up in storage. It almost feels like your hands are tied behind your back. I decided it was easier to buy more stuff than to search for what I already have, even though I really can't afford it. Even small finished feel good.

  5. You're packing ... where you off to now?

    What a cute zipper pouch! You know me, I love everything you do, Miss K! Happy weekend.
    Brenda xox

  6. What a sweet little pouch! I love all the scraps you used and I especially love that little stamp!

    Sending extra sparkling energy to help you find a new rental. I know just how stressful that can be.

  7. Precious pouch! Good luck house hunting!

  8. It's adorable!! I hope you find the perfect house soon!!
    ~ Tracy


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