Friday, June 28, 2019

Pink Bee Blocks - April and May

I have been enjoying participating in two different online quilting bees this year.  It's my first time taking part in a quilt bee (of any kind!), and now I fully understand the appeal - the chance to sew with friends (old and new!). 

 Each month, I receive an email from that month's Queen Bee, detailing her choice of block and the directions for making them.  Lisa chose the Cross and Plus block and shared this link to the tutorial  by Amy  ,  to show us how to sew these fun blocks.  I chose to make three blocks to send to Lisa, as the blocks finish at 7.5".

The version of the block I sewed to keep, has borders added to make the block finish at 12.5", so it will fit with the rest of my sampler quilt blocks.  I also decided to play with colour placement.

The month of May, Jessamyn was Queen Bee, and she chose the X's and O's block - with this link to the tutorial to make them.

Once again, I sewed one block to send and one block to keep for my sampler.  I followed the dimensions in the tutorial to make Jessamyn's block, but scaled up the cutting measurements for my keeper block, so that it would finish at 12.5". The photo above shows the blocks side by side - the one made for Jessamyn in on the right and mine is on the left.

I reversed colour placement in the block I sewed to keep, due to the fact that I have a small amount of fabric with me during our temporary rental homes.  For the most part, that means I only have scraps on hand, so I didn't have any large enough pieces of pink fabrics to make this block.  I did have some fat quarter sized pieces of low volume fabrics in some of my favourite prints and that's what I chose for the X part of this block.  I love the results!

It's pretty exciting that we are already six blocks complete for the year of the Pink Bee - so I am now half way to having all the blocks needed to make my sampler quilt!  July is just a couple of days away, so I am eager to see what our next block will be.


  1. You are doing an amazing job of your bee blocks Katherine considering your limited access to your stash. And to think you’re able to make your own sampler ones too! I did a similar thing a few years ago with bee blocks and loved the result- my own memory quilt of a fun year of sewing for others!

  2. You may be sewing from scraps but you seem to have a great selection. Your blocks look wonderful!

  3. These blocks for the pink bee are so cute. I love them.
    You always put so much special care into each one.
    Happy week-end Katherine


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