Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two done, two to go

on my scrappy red patchwork project! I'll have 4 place mats and a table runner when I'm finished. Here's one of my finished place mats:

These are the two place mats that I have to finish hand stitching the binding on.
I had fun with the quilting on this project. The random sized heart pattern I stitched seems to give a whimsical feel to the project, which I really like. My freehand machine quilting is somewhat easier to see on the back of the place mats, although I must say that red is one of the more challenging colours to try and capture in a photo.


  1. That is really cute! How do you do all that topstitching???

  2. Pretty, so pretty!
    I just love the red!
    You have an exquisite taste joining the different fabrics, Katherine! Whatever the colours.

  3. Love it! Your quilting is so wonderful!!! And all those yummy red fabrics!

  4. I love the red ... so cheerful! I am in the process of purchasing a machine that will allow me to do free motion quilting and I can't wait! Your projects are very inspirational.

  5. so very pretty! thanks for the chocolate cake recipe! I am not sure my hubs is the person to try it on... he is very skeptical!

  6. Your place mats look so good! I love the colors and the quilting motif, they really go along well together! Pretyy good job!

  7. Saw the wristlet and needlecase you made for a gift and they were wonderful. I'm not a blogger but enjoy reading others blogs and being inspired by them. Do you have a tutorial for either of those things, especially the needlecase or could you tell me where to find the pattern? Hoping spring will be here soon in Pennsylvania.

  8. your quilting is gorgeous! how did that red thread match?


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