The swap that made my jaw drop...

and left me completely overwhelmed came all the way from the sweet and talented, Nicolette. Nothing could properly prepare me for the box full of goodness - much of it handmade - that she sent me.
Here's what I saw when I opened the package...

This is a close-up of just a part of what was in that package.

Are these not the sweetest hand embroidered babushka dolls? These sweet dolls are now making friends with the ones I have from Suzie and the ones I made myself. I love how each doll is unique!

Next up is the loveliest patchwork basket using yummy reds and plenty of polka dots with plaids and stripes ( I heart patchwork!).

Nicolette continued to spoil me with gifts of pretty fabrics,

sewing essentials including the cutest containers (check out that button tin!), some Dutch candies and the best smelling soap and lip balm from Cath Kidson.

Okay, now that's a lot of wonderful things to receive, right? Yet, there's still more!
Look at what else she made for me: a pincushion with a key fob, a matching needle book and an stitchery organizer pouch! All in the prettiest pink fabric with chocolate brown coordinating dotty fabric.

Here's the close-up of the organizer. See all those pockets that will keep me organized?

Now I saved the biggest gift of all for last. (I know you must be in shock by now after seeing everything the talented Nicolette so generously made and gave me - I'm overwhelmed myself!)
She made me a beautiful table runner in the most gorgeous spring fabrics.

It fits my dining room table perfectly! Now, who is a spoiled girl??? ;o)

When I turn the table runner over, you can see all the different machine stitches Nicolette used to quilt this beauty. Wow. The final delight with this table runner is that the back is linen and more gorgeous fabric. I'm in love.

Now, isn't this the most amazing swap package ever?!?

Thank you Nicolette for sending me all this bounty. I'm in awe and over the moon with every single thing you sent.

* (I've been considering pinching myself to see if I'm dreaming - but if I am dreaming, I certainly don't want to wake up! ;o)


  1. Wow -- treasures and pleasures galore! How wonderful for you -- I'm so pleased!

  2. Thanks for all your kind words dear friend! Love the photos you made!

    I’m still in awe over your package as well. I will post about it soonest!
    Enjoy all the gifts! You deserve them well!

    B.T.W., the fabric patchwork basket was not made by my hands, but bought at my local quiltshop!

  3. It's like Christmas! Aren't quilting bloggers the best!

  4. The generosity of some people in the blogging community never ceases to amaze me. What a treasure-trove!

  5. What lovely gifts! Everything is so beautifully presented and that patchwork basket is just lovely.

  6. Lovely blog title Katherine! I was intrigued. Nicolette is one of the kindest and most generous person in a group of truly kind and generous people! You are a lucky duck! (Everything was just sooooo pretty! I love pretty.)

  7. Just enjoying keeping up with your adventures via your blog. What a lovely package to receive.


  8. Isn't she fab? I had a parcel from Nicolette last year, and my daughters and I squeaked all the way through opening every gorgeous thing inside. Lucky you!

  9. So many beautiful things, Katherine! I understand very well the title post :)

  10. what a wonderful bundle of goodies from Nicolette.......

  11. my jaw dropped too...i love it too....great gifts!!

  12. wowza! that is an AMAZING swap package. and you deserve every bit of it, my friend!

  13. is perhaps THE most lovely swap package I have ever seen in are a very lucky lady !!


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