The Goldilocks philosophy?

Ages and ages ago, I completed the top for my bento box quilt. Then I had two false starts on making a backing for the quilt. A little like the Goldilocks story in trying to find the one that was "just right". The quilt has been set aside for such a long time as I searched and searched. I finally found something that makes the wait worthwhile...

pretty white dots on a spring-green background! Feeling inspired to get this quilt finished I pulled out the scraps left from making the quilt top and started stitching.

I had enough bits and pieces to make a scrappy strip for the quilt back as you can see in the picture above. Here's a close up of one section....

Happily, I have begun basting the quilt (hooray!). It may seem ridiculous to take so long on one quilt, but for me, it really was about finding a backing fabric that was "just right".
Perhaps, that's the Goldilocks philosophy : keep looking until what you find is "just right" (whether it's oatmeal cooked the way you like or a fabric that makes you smile). ;o)


  1. Love your fabric choice. Definitely worth the wait! I completely agree, so much better to wait than to forever be unhappy with your choice. Hope you're doing well, friend!

  2. that is just how I felt at the car dealership tonight while we went back and forth on our trade-in and ultimately left without a new car...not the right price just yet!!!!!

  3. wow... now that was worth waiting for! No wonder you feel inspired to get the quilt finished!!

    Happy Sewing..........

  4. Definitely worth waiting for. Hope you didn't get chased through the woods once you found the right one ;-)

  5. I love the colours! It will be gorgeous when finished:) I'll be watching for it!

  6. It was definitely worth waiting for the backing fabric! Backing can be equally beautiful as fronts!


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