Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Patchwork Pyramid (coin) Purse

How about my patchwork version instead of the selvedge version or the printed fabric version to tempt you into using my tutorial?

The only difference from my tutorial is that you need to make two patchwork pieces to make the outside of the bag. From fat quarters, I used two fabrics cut into 1.5" strips to quick piece the checkerboard patchwork. The finished size of each square will be at 6.5" instead of the 6" size given in my tutorial. Just cut your lining to match the new size and you will be fine.

This time I used a 3/8" ribbon for the zipper pull rather than 1".

If you do use my tutorial, I would love to see your version(s). Also, let me know if you have any problems following it. I'm happy to help.


  1. FUN...mmmmm.... you talk about fat quarters.... I'd like mine fat with loonies and toonies!! Ha ha

  2. I really like this pyramid purse. If ever I get around to organizing things here in the house, I might be able to use your tutorial. :) I will let you know! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. This one is really awsome Katherine! I have read the tutorial and everything is clear. Now I need to find some time to make me a purse!

  4. Love this one Katherine.
    Beautiful fabrics cleverly combined!!
    Andi :-)

  5. Very nice purse, a perfect combination of fabrics!

  6. Oh, that's stunning Katherine. What a combination of colours. Love it!!

  7. You have gotten cuter and cuter. I really enjoy the weaving of fabric.

  8. It´s so cute.
    But y can´t go to the tutorial!!!
    I´ll try next time.


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