Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All the way from Ireland

and into my mail box
were the sweetest handmade lovelies from Virginie.  The cute factor on these is off the charts!  Prompted by mutual admiration of our handcrafted bags, we decided to do a private swap.  I  love the sweet ball clasp coin purses she makes to sell
 and she requested a small pouch made from hot pink with orange, along with some applique.  I hope this fits her request. :o)
 This patchwork pouch is similar to other versions I made shown here and here.
 Virginie and I also share a love of polka dots (you noticed that she made my gift dotty) and I couldn't resist lining the inside of my pouch for her in orange dots.
I included a matching needlecase complete with felted wool "pages" for the needles to rest in (because we all know that wool keeps needles from rusting), but I didn't take photos before I mailed it to Virginie. You'll just have to trust me on this. ;o)
Thank you Virginie for a wonderful swap!  I know I will be putting your lovely gifts to good use - they are so pretty and yet so practical.


  1. I love the pouch! The fabric choice is so fun.

  2. Lovely things - what a great swap! And good to discover your blog, too.

    Pomona x


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