The last of my lavender

Remember I said I found a few completed crochet projects that I had packed away? Here's part of what I rediscovered in amongst my crochet supplies.  All three of these doilies were crocheted from threads that belonged to my great-grandmother, which makes them extra special to me.  Originally I crocheted these to be used as jar toppers, but never got around to adding the ribbon to them before we moved in the summer of 2008.  Since then, I had forgotten all about them. Then I borrowed an inspiring crochet book from the library, went into my stash, searching for crochet threads and found them there, waiting. Since I had been sewing with linen so much lately, it's probably no surprise what I decided to do next. Given my love of linen, it made sense to mix the doilies and linen together and add another favourite of mine, lavender.

For years, I grew lavender in our first yard in Kelowna.  I would harvest as much as I could, make lavender bottles while it was fresh, and then dry as many stems as I could for future use.  I would use the lavender bottles (once dry) in our linen closet and in the seasonal clothes which were boxed up. The loose lavender would be used in my homemade potpourri mixes or in sachets (ones especially made so that I could toss  them in the clothes dryer  with our laundry, during the months when I didn't have the use of our clothesline).   I was lavender crazy! The best thing is, it just so happened that I had a wonderful surplus of lavender that I have held onto.  Since my home grown lavender has been stored in an air-tight container and out of direct sunlight, it still has it's wonderful aroma.  Here are the last of the lavender bottles I made a few years back (without any ribbon which adds a lovely touch for gift giving),

with the last of the loose lavender being used to fill my doily sachets.

One of my dreams is to be living where I can grow my own lavender again.  Until then, I will be savouring the scent from the last of my lavender in these simple sachets.


  1. The sachet bags are wonderful and I, too, love the fragrance of lavender. I have a lavender plant but the fragrance is not very strong. I am thinking that there are different varieties, some more fragrant than others.
    But I will try to make some "bottles".

  2. Pat, there are hundreds of varieties, it's some kind of French version that has the strongest smell. I bought some dried lavender from Ebay and I love it (really cheap too), I also bought some lavender seeds but haven't got round to planting them, I really should. Love your lavender sachets Catherine, what a great idea for using crocheted motifs.

  3. What a lovely use of the doilies you made with your great-grandmother's crochet thread.

    These darned allergies of mine prevent me from using lavender sachets and things like that, but I do love see things others make with it.

  4. I love this idea for using crocheted doilies. I have a bunch of them in a drawer.

    I admire your lavender bottles. I've tried making them and mine don't look nearly as pretty. In fact, I wouldn't dare photograph them. I'll stick to sachets!

    I'm waiting for my lavender to begin blooming - I have several different kinds here - it's one thing the deer won't eat!

  5. They may be simple but wow they're gorgeous! Linen and doilies is a natural - linen and doilies and lavender takes it to the top!

  6. i love your sachets! they are so pretty!
    I live in montreal and as far as I know, it's colder here than where you live and I am able to grow lavender in my garden. I've had a couple of plants for years and they keep coming back. you should give them a try.

  7. These sachets are so pretty! I also love lavender. But I had trouble growing it. Then, I decided to plant it in containers each spring, and move it to the ground by September. It's a method that works well for me -- it seems to help them winter over in Ontario. I am going to try making some bottles this year.

  8. Those are beautiful! I feel just the same about lavender, and am lucky enough to be able to grow it, too.

    Pomona x

  9. Doileys, Linen, and Lavender - a match made in heaven! Love that you have used such precious threads - very sweet.

  10. I love this idea! They are so pretty!

    Silver MLM

  11. The lavender bags are lovely and the dollies have just the right colors!!


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