Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What happened to the scrappy green quilt?

 Here is another project that hasn't had a quick turn around from idea to completion.  I am getting closer to the finish line on it, though. I first started this scrappy project a couple of years ago.  I made some initial progress, worked on it some more, moved to a new house and then it stayed packed and forgotten.  I pulled that UFO out earlier  this year and worked on it until it looked like this.  It's been up on my "design wall" ever since.  I liked what I had, but the feedback I got on it said it needed to be bigger. I wasn't sure I wanted to add on to it in the same way as I had been, so I stopped working on it and just stared at it.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I would figure out what to do with this quilt top - make it bigger or leave it as is.  This past weekend I came up with an idea and started stitching up some more of those green scraps....

As much as I like the way it looked here,
I'm definitely considering this ( I will be adding a row of "little bit" strips to the bottom edge of the quilt top  to balance it out).
The addition of these "little bit" strips mean that the quilt will become bed size. Next up will be figuring out what to use for a backing and the binding.  I've enjoyed the creative journey this quilt top represents for me.  I challenged myself to use scraps, use a colour that is not a favourite, make up my own design and have fun with the process.  Even though it's not a completed quilt just yet, I count it as a success, since I met my intended challenges, although perhaps not in the most timely fashion. ;o)


  1. Perhaps it should also count as a success since I've had a photo of it as my desktop photo since I first spotted it on your blog!

    BTW - timely is over-rated, LOL!!

  2. All I can say about this quilt is that you are a master. Your inspiration on what to do is dead on!
    I think that is is my favorite so far. The balance of white to the greens and blues is perfect. I will anxiously await the finish line!

  3. looks great! love what you can do with scraps! Amazing!

  4. how fun! I love scrappy quilts! Nothing's been wasted and amazing work has been created! love the quilt look!

  5. Wow, you are my scrap hero! I discovered I’m not good at scrappy though I always love other people’s scrap quilts!

  6. Those "little bit" strips really do set the quilt off beautifully not to mention being a creative solution to turning it into a bed-sized quilt. I can see that kind of border working well on other quilts too.

    It's going to be very pretty once it's finished.


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