Saturday, August 13, 2011

Four blocks and it's a quilt top!

This has to be the quickest quilt top I've ever pieced.  I love that it's made from eight vintage sheets.

I've been wanting to make a "pink" vintage sheet quilt for a long time now, ever since my first vintage sheet quilt.  Trouble is, I haven't collected as many pink sheets (partly as I'm only interested in 100% cotton sheets) as I wanted in order to make something really scrappy looking.  Realizing it was silly to just keep waiting, I came up with super sizing the traditional wedding ring block.  The larger scale of the block seemed a better way to showcase the large scale prints of the vintage sheets.  I now have a quilt top that is 64" square with only 4 blocks.  Not a bad size for a lap quilt and I still have plenty of my sheets left for my dream quilt (I will keep hunting for more pinks).  My oldest son has been daring me to make this quilt top large enough to fit my bed.  He  really wants to see how happy his dad will be to have a pink quilt on his bed.   I don't think I'll take the dare. ;o)


  1. I love the quilt-top!

    Maybe you could make a manly backing to the quilt and put the pink on top during the day...?

  2. Lovely pink quilt top! S would wanted to have a pink PINK quilt on her bed! I think that's how most little girl dream of.

  3. Lovely quilt top - I love pink :) I suspect your husband would be about as thrilled as mine if we were to put a pink quilt on the bed ... LOL!


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