Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The second bag is brighter than the first!

The child-size messenger bag pattern in Liesl's book, is so irresistible. I had to make another.  This time around I used some fine wale corduroy in eye-popping orange!

 I added the inset zippered pocket to the bag's back, once again, along with appliqueing those big eyed owls for decoration on the front and back of the flap.

I played around with using prints for the pocket flaps and the side pockets rather than using the corduroy for the face fabric (like I did for my first version).  I'm hoping that the Kaffe Fasset fabric makes it look more girl-y than a solid orange bag would look.

 Happily, I found another slider to use for the adjustable strap in amongst my thrifted stash of hardware and notions.

This bag design lends itself to bright, playful colours and is a lovely canvas for embellishments.  I think it's time I make at least one version for myself, maybe not so brightly coloured though. ;o)


  1. I wish I had more spots..however in Nov. if you would like to be a guest..let me know you have some good tuts that would be ideal....I know I should be at the campaign lol

  2. Your thrift store bounties come in handy, don’t they?! Love this corduroy version, such pretty orange!
    The lining is perfect too!

  3. The orange is wonderfully fun and the owl is a hoot!!


  4. They're both adorable - I'd have a hard time choosing between them, lol. The fabrics are delicious, and you did an amazing job with that orange corduroy - the colours are perfect together!

  5. These are wonderful. If I were young again, it would be so much fun to show these bags off.
    Guaranteed food will taste better and books read easier!!!!

  6. Oh My Goodness! So, so fun, Katherine. Love those! You really do make the most amazing creations and you have such an eye and talent for putting colours and patterns together. Fun.

  7. Hi Katherine and thanks so much for finding me and leaving such a nice comment. Your bags are just darling...love the color combinations! It would be great if we could make a real living wage from our work, wouldn't it? Anyway, we'll just keep doing what we love and see where it takes us, right?

    Warmest regards,

  8. The bags are great, I love the bright colors, don't know that book, have to look for it!!!

  9. I am not sure which one I love more! Those are some colors!

  10. Great job. Love the green bias. well done.


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