Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catching up on things

It's raining cats and dogs as I write this morning.  Good thing I managed to snap some photos of what's been happening during a brief sunny spot yesterday.  It seems I've managed to fall behind in a few things I wanted to share with you.  First up, I have to show the amazing giveaway I won a few weeks back, from the lovely and generous, Kelly, over at Pinkadot Quilts.  Seeing it all in person, left me a little stunned.  You know my creative juices were stirred by all those great scraps, the gorgeous layer cake and then my favourite... the yardage of pink dots from Denyse Schmidt.  There's fun in the making with all these treasures.... Thanks so much Kelly!
 Next up, I thought I'd let you know that I haven't abandoned the project using my red scraps and 9 patch blocks.  I've actually got the quilting done. See?
 The latest thing that has my attention is the Ghastlies.  You may have noticed the button on my sidebar featuring these sober folk.  Can I  just say how excited I am to have received my yardage so I can get some Ghastlie projects made to share with you!  Obviously, the Ghastlies stand outside my usual taste in fabric, which is most often brightly coloured, but perhaps that may be part of the appeal.  Anyways, stick around for the upcoming Ghastlies blog hop (starting Oct. 24th) and you will see what I will have made from this fun fabric.  Oh, if you want some Ghastlies fabric of your own, you can order from Corrie over at Quilt Taffy (like I did for the print below)...
 or pop by My Heart and Sew, where Cassie will put together some more lovelies for you (such as the ones I bought, shown below...).

 Of course, while I was on a mission to track down the Ghastlies, I did succumb to a little something extra.  I thought it would be a good way to sweeten the other (or distract the attention away from) "me" purchases by ordering some Heirloom FQs by Joel Dewberry to make a quilt for my husband.  "See, honey? I ordered some fabric just for you. I knew you'd like it because orange is your favourite colour."  Admittedly, he likes the newest orange fabrics added to the stash, "just for him",  but I think he may be on to my tactics.  I heard him say something about me not *ahem... cough, cough,* needing (his words NOT mine... lol) to order any more fabric for awhile.  Hmmm... ;o)  Shall I pretend that I didn't hear him say that? hee hee
Okay, that was quite a hodge-podge to share today.  Good ahead and ignore my blathering and just keep your attention on all the pretty fabrics I showed you instead. ;o)   I'm off to make some progress on the sewing to-do list (my favourite to-do list in the house! Yay!).  Happy day to you!


  1. Love the fabrics. What a great giveaway you won. I can appreciate the Ghastlies but I don't want any for myself although I love the color combination.

  2. Oooh love the Ghastlies and Heirloom. Two sets of fabric that I haven't in my collection but am really admiring from afar. I keep hoping I'll just win them or they will magically show up on my door! Wishful thinking...

  3. One of my blog friends said her partner told her understood that buying fabric was essential to her wellbeing. I love that!! We need all men to understand this.

  4. Let him talk and close your ears....... Lovely heirloom fabric. I ve won a FQ bundle in a giveaway, have to post about it...

  5. how is it that you keep winning these giveaways? Give the rest of us a chance please! Just kidding...congratulations. Can't wait to see what you'll cook up with those fabrics!

  6. The fabrics you won in the giveaway are so inspiring! What will become out of these? And funny that your husband thinks in terms of "need" - I know a couple of men who won't need any more tools for their garage or basement workstation and yet purchase the 152nd screwdriver.


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