Getting it right

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, simple mistakes slip right past me.   Remember my debut jitters being asked to do a tutorial for Sew We Quilt? I somehow missed a simple dimension in the cutting list.  The error has been fixed, but I just wanted to let all of you know that if you printed that tutorial prior to this morning, you will have to edit my typo.  My apologies!

 The correct measurement for piece is 3.5" x 6.5"

As if one mistake wasn't enough for today, here's another.  I was playing around with a bag design that would use up scraps left from making 9-patch blocks.  Everything went well with the piecing,

the quilting,

even with the cute retro fabric I used for the lining.

The mistake wasn't realized until I tried to insert one of these clever flex frames into the band at the top of my little purse.
Giveaway win from Lisa's lovely shop This and That from Japan (thanks, Lisa!!!)

I was more than a little disappointed.  My math seemed to be off for the band at the top and the frame won't quite fit.  Aw, nuts.  Apparently, numbers are getting the best of me.  ;o)

 I'm off to see about making a new purse (I'll just leave the first with a ribbon drawstring... sigh) because I really want to see the flex frame in action.  Here's to getting it right. (fingers


  1. At least you caught the little mistake quickly - stuff happens :D

    That little patchwork bag is adorable - too bad the flex frame didn't fit, but you made lovely lemonade out of lemons by adding the drawstring! I made a flex frame bag a while ago - it's fun :) I also like making the metal tape measure version - my oldest son brings me home dead tape measures from the construction site when I ask him, lol!

  2. I never cut out all my blocks until I make one. I'm sure it drove you crazy when you realized it but no worries! That is too bad about your purse at it is so cute!

  3. We LIKE this one... as usual, I'm always smitten with your colour combos. You really do have a gift for it!

    The bag is too cute for words!

  4. Oh, I hate it when that happens!! Good that you picked up the mistake sooner rather than later.


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