Friday, December 9, 2011

Adding some sparkle

I'm rather giddy over the cushion I just finished to add some seasonal sparkle to our living room.  I can't begin to tell you how it makes me happy to  see my design work out even better than I had originally envisioned.  The blue snowflake fabric was the inspiration behind making a large applique snowflake.

At first I was only going to do basic applique stitches to secure the snowflake to the background using a white rayon thread.  Then I spotted a spool of metallic silver thread in my thread box...

and the next thing I know, I'm outlining the snowflake with that sparkly thread!  Pleased with the results, but wanting more sparkle I also FMQ inside the design of the snowflake.  Then I came across a treasured glass button I have from my great- grandma.  It seemed the perfect finish to the center of the snowflake as it adds more sparkle!

The blue, white and touch of silver looked lovely and I was all set to quilt my cushion top and proceed to finish the cushion, but the lovely colours in this jelly roll gave me another idea.  My plan for finishing the cushion changed!  I decided to add some patchwork along the four edges of the front, incorporating some of the fabrics from the Sophie line.

Ready to quilt, I couldn't decide on a design.  I thought of stitching swirls or echo quilting the snowflake but neither choice really seemed to be quite right. I kept staring at the cushion top... until it dawned on me that simply quilting circles around the snowflakes printed on the fabric would convey the look of falling snow - which I think suits it perfectly!

As much as I love the front, I adore the backing.  What goes better with pretty snowflakes than bright coloured mittens?

A hidden zipper runs through the center back, making it easy to remove, while the busy print echoes the bright colours of the patchwork bordering the snowflake on the front.  LOVE it.

The final fun touch, is the red pom-pom fringe!

Look how well my new cushion coordinates with my Stars of Friendship Quilt.  You'd almost get the impression that I like combining red and blue. ;o)

It really looks at home in one of our living room chairs,

but it clearly out sizes the red cushions currently on our love seat.  That must mean I need to make it some friends. ;o)

Meantime, I'm going to enjoy the sparkly snowflake that will never melt.

Wishing you a happy weekend and some sparkle to your day!

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  1. Great Christmas cushion. Love all the extra touches!

  2. Gorgeous, Katherine!! Love that pom-pom fringe too and how fun to use one of your Grandma's buttons. Looks like your having lots of fun with your winter creative time. And is that a new headboard to a bed? Looks very nice with your fresh looking quilt.

  3. What a gorgeous pillow Katherine! Love all the little details - the silver thread, the glass button, the pompom trim! Best of all in my favourite colours of aqua and red.

  4. OH!! I need a pillow that made in house! The pillow and the quilt match so well together! Lovely love pillows

  5. Oooh! I love it! You were a genius adding that sparkly thread and button.

  6. We love it....................

    how do you do it.. as Beth says you are genius... that's how!

  7. PS we love your loveseat and chair too! It sorta reminds me of our Duncan Phyfe loveseats we have in our living room.

  8. looks beautiful and will definitely brighten up your living room!!

  9. Love that bit of sparkle - what a treasure to bring out every year.

  10. Your pillow is so pretty! And the mitten fabric is perfect for the back.

    Makes me wish that all my stuff wasn't in storage so that I could get to making one too. :o)

  11. Just beautiful, Katherine! Love your sofa!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it. :)

  13. Wow Katherine! it's so beautiful. You did such a great job at machine applique! Love tthe quilting too.

  14. I love, love, love it, thank you for submitting it to my pillowtalk

  15. I LOVE your snowflake pillow!


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