Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making an appearance

Today, I entered my One Heart Reading Pillow over at the Quilting Gallery for this week's theme, Quilted Pillows.  You can check out all the great entries and then vote for your favourites.  Be prepared to be inspired when you visit and if you have a moment, please place your votes between Friday, March 2nd - Sunday March 4th.  Thanks to Michele for hosting these weekly themed contests!


This is my first time participating and wouldn't you know it... I managed to upload my pillow photo sideways for the contest... which of course I didn't realize, which I guess should make my entry standout. ;o) Ooops.


  1. How fun, Katherine. Your pillow is so pretty I'm sure it will even look good sideways. ;-)

  2. Once gain you are over the top!! I really like the quilting too.

  3. I forgot to ask, are you still going to do a "tutorial" on the quilting method?

  4. Your quilted heart pillow is gorgeous and the buttons really add the perfect detail. Blissful...


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