Promise Me Pillow

This finish has been waiting for an incredibly long time for me to share it. 

It was an experiment of improvisational cutting and piecing with a happy mix of scraps from my stash, plus a bundle of fabrics I purchased (here's a peek at my starting point).

Dark navy fabric strips are a sharp contrast and frame for the bright patchwork pieces. It makes for a punchy combination!

This pillow is from a design I created many years ago (click here to see my original). I also sewed this  design in an all solids version (click here)  No promises that this is my last pillow, but possibly my last version of this design, as it's my favourite.


  1. I haven't been to visit in a very long time. I was so happy to see your new post pop up in my sidebar. Gorgeous pillow - I'd recognize your creative work anywhere. Hope you are well! xo

  2. Love the colours and the striking contrast borders. It's beautiful!


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