Gimme a "G"!

This project began as so many of my creatives ideas do. Playing with my fabric scraps!

The scraps left from sewing my quilt blocks (for Tremendous) turned into me sewing some cute cross stitch blocks (tutorial here)  that I paired with linen, which became a drawstring bag

However, I was having so much fun sewing those sweet little blocks, that I didn't want to stop.  I decided it would be fun to combine my design for a patchwork letter with those fabric cross stitch blocks to sew a monogram pillow for our bed.  Turns out, it was a very fun idea! Don't you agree?



  1. I do agree! I get hooked on certain blocks too and find new ways to use them. Your pillow is perfect for the x blocks and the colors go so well together! I may try the same thing!

  2. You do such wonderful things with scraps!


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