Thursday, June 4, 2009

Scrapsody in Blue

I made this blue patchwork bag as part of my swap for Nicolette. Lucky for me she shares my love of blue fabrics and quilting - so this design idea seemed like a great way to combine both for a unique bag.
The patchwork was made using the technique I learned from A Passion for Patchwork from Lise Bergene (I made a table runner using this technique). The bag is one of my designs, shown here, here and here.
This time I quilted the outside of the bag, adding a contrast piping and on the inside I included an inset zippered pocket. I love how the quilting gives the bag is shape without being stiff.

I used vintage velvet ribbon (inherited from my great grandmother's sewing oddments), as loops to hold when opening or closing the zip top, to add to the tactile appeal of the bag.

It's "Scrapsody in Blue" and I'm so happy that Nicolette loves it.


  1. What a lovely bag!!! Wadding gives a lovely soft body to bags doesn't it? i am intending on making a weekend bag from some Cath Kidston corduroy fabric that I have, got a quilt to finish first though!
    So many projects, so little time!

    Happy crafting : )

    Sharon xx

  2. What a lovely name for the bag!

  3. lovely bag..nice name..i like it

  4. lovely bag... care to share the tutorial???

  5. Loved your title -- a perfect twist to that old music piece.

    And it's truly is a rhapsody you've presented us with in fabric notes!

  6. Looks fab...and I bet it will be useful too.

  7. Ooh,Katherine - that's lovely. I'm going to have to try out your pattern for some gifts!! Peg

  8. Hi I just found your blog and have started to follow as I think you make beautiful things. I was wondering if you sell this bag pattern or if you make these bags to sell, either way I would love one !


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