Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's true!

I Love Patchwork and if you use linen with favourite quilting cottons, the project is "swoon" worthy.

This table runner is my second project from the inspiring pages of this book. The simple zig zag design made by the patchwork, caught my eye and I was enticed to try it. Unfortunately, I missed the mark when choosing my fabrics. Due to the 'busyness' of the three prints I chose, you can't see the zig zag as clearly. Solids would work better.

For the flip side, I used this lovely Moda print which my sweet friend, Nicolette sent me. I had been waiting for just the right project for it and this is it. I really feel like this table runner is reversible because of this gorgeous print.

Here it is, at home on the top of my antique china hutch.

I'm surprised just how much I'm enjoying using linen in patchwork projects. The linen I'm currently using is a coarse weave, so it adds contrast to the smooth texture of the quilting cotton. It happened to be a lucky find at the thrift store and I'm soon going to be out of it. I haven't found 100% linen at my local fabric store. Anyone have a favourite place to buy linen?


  1. Love it Katherine! I think prints work as well, when you choose a smaller print for the middle one. But again, I love it!
    SO nice to see you used the fabric!

    I’ve worked with cheaper linen € 11,- p/mtr which is great for smaller projects, but I used it for a quilt and I had better chosen the more expensive one. My LQS offers different sorts of linen. The best one is € 22,- a metre and 150 cm wide (I think it’s Robert Kaufmann’s)

    I’ve seen the same lovely linen here:

    Good Luck!

  2. Might be a bit far for you to come but my local old-fashioned haberdashers sells several different linens. Currently using the mid-weight white but my bestest remains the neutral heavyweight. *sigh* I <3 linen.

  3. Your linen projects have been lovely - I would worry about laundering them, though - how does that work for you?

  4. I totally agree... this is swoon worthy fabric! It's LOVELY! And what wonderful colours together


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