Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tough to decide

what I like best about the little tote I made for my niece's birthday.
There's fresh, bright fabric...
with each side just a little different from the other...
there's a sweet wee ruffle at the top...
there's polka dots and patchwork...
there's lemon yellow stripes on the inside...
and some some lively, pretty floral prints...
I really can't decide what I like best about this tote. Maybe it's that with a little girl's birthday in my family, I had a very good reason to try my first Rosalie Quinlan pattern * (which I received in my recent swap with Janelle...thanks, Janelle!).

*I did make a few changes to the original design, such as making the strips patchwork and attaching them to quilt batt. That's the fun with a great design like this one from Rosalie Quinlan, you can use it as a springboard for ideas and/or follow it to a "T" with beautiful results whichever way you choose.


  1. Love it! Such a sweet girly bag!

    I just finished a Melly&Me bag (Dolcetto) and I’m still working on a Rosalie Quinlan bag (Oma’s project bag).
    Pictures soon... i hope. First I need to watch the finals of the World Cup soccer in South Africa. Holland plays against Urugay. The streets are empty and I guess everybody is watching.

  2. It is a very sweet bag and I like the combination of fabrics.

  3. for me it is a toss between that stripy lemon yellow fabric and the sweet ruffle- any girl would be delighted

  4. I wanted to thank you for your beautiful comment over at my place ..

    but now I am distracted by your gorgeous sewing..off to read some more..

  5. I love the yellow and white lining fabric best. Imagine looking in your bag at that all the time. Delicious!

  6. Love it - and I'm sure your niece will too!

  7. This is so sweet. My granddaughter would feel so cool taking it to school. I will have to see if I have any really bright, fun fabrics and I will copy you idea.

  8. Oh, the cute ruffle, definitely the ruffle....or maybe the bright cheery fabrics....or the yellow lining...LOL
    Ok, I like it all. :-)


  9. Your neice's tote is totally gorgeous, I love it all - especially the ruffle :)
    Big wave & squeezy cyber hug
    Janelle xx

  10. You put such beautiful coloured fabrics together. It is such a treat to stop by and see what you have created next.

  11. great bag i am sure your niece will love it..........


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