Thursday, August 19, 2010

Closer, thanks to a friend that lives far away

Do you remember my quilt made from charm squares?  Well, when I asked for input on how I should proceed, I also received a most generous offer from my sweet friend, Nicolette.  Amazingly, she also had purchased the exact charm pack years ago and said she could send me some of hers so that I could make my quilt larger.  Grateful, I accepted her kind offer.
A week ago, the charms from Nicolette arrived.  Excited as I was, imagine my surprise in finding even more in that packet.   She sent me some divine linen (it's so much finer than what I have been working with - it's as soft as a dream...) and she included the most adorable fabric die cuts.  Cute puppies, kitties, birds and hearts.  I can't decide if they will become fabric cards or be used in a quilt. Thank you, Nicolette!
I used all but one of the charms from Nicolette for the quilt top.  The last charm was incorporated into the piece-y strip (it's in the foreground of the above photo) I sewed for the quilt back.

This is where I'm currently at with my quilt.  It's pinned (my least favourite part in the whole process of quilting) and awaits my decision on how I will machine quilt it.  I'm trying to stretch myself with each quilt I make.  The easiest fastest default way to quilt this would be to stipple it, but I'm not going to.  I'm working on coming up with a free motion design that will be light, airy and dainty (trying to keep in mind the scale and delicate prints used in the quilt). That's the hope anyways. Fingers crossed.  At least I'm much closer to finishing this.


  1. Well, m'dear, aren't you blessed!! To have such a sweet friend to share her treasures with you! And this looks like it's going to be exquisite when it's all done.

    Okay now... I need a lesson.... I know about stippling ceilings.... how do you stipple a quilt?????

  2. Isn't Nicolette the best? She's so sweet and kind -- a wonderful blog friend. It's a wonderful quilt top, and now you'll remember Nicolette when you look at it!

  3. Oh I love that the basting bit is your least favourite bit, because I soooo understand that!

    Friends are wonderful!

  4. what a great surprise....I too don't like the pinning part

  5. What a beautiful quilt! Would a free motion flower-y pattern work for this quilt? I'm picturing something very feminine as this quilt has that feel to me.

    I tried stippling before and can't get the hang of it, therefore I rely on wavy lines as my default. If you have any free motion tips, I'd love to hear them!

  6. I always love the look of basted quilts with all those pins!

    I’m with you on disliking basting and pinning. I can’t work on the floor because of my back. I bought some lath to make a wooden frame. I used it to baste my nieces quilt. It took me three hours. I need some more practice but I think it would be easier when there’s someone to assist... LOL!

  7. I read your description for the quilting process and since my machine is not computerized, free motion is not really free but "push and shove", I wondering what kind of machine do you have. That quilt top and bottom are beautiful. Are you keeping it. It is son lovely, I don't think that I could give it away.
    Also, I have reaped great benefits by reading your blog. You have given me insights in sewing. Sort of like I don't have to invent the wheel all the time. Thanks,

  8. Bloggers are the best! Your quilt top is looking beautiful. can't wait to see how you quilt it.


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