Friday, February 4, 2011

My Creative Space...

My sewing space occupies the room which was designed to be a family room, which has pros and cons.  I love that the space is open, next to the kitchen and mostly that it is "my" room.  The downside to this room is that of the three walls in this room, only one is a flat painted surface.  One wall has a brick fireplace with a floor length window on the right side of it and the door to our deck on the left side, making this wall an unsuitable spot for any shelving etc. for my sewing paraphernalia.  Opposite the fireplace is a dark wood, raised panelled wall (original 80's decor).  As renters, we are unable to change this and are not to hang anything on the walls. My dream would be to have this wall hidden behind floor to ceiling shelving, but until then, I found a way around the "No nails or screws in the walls" rule. 
Pieces of painter's tape are holding a quilt-in-progress that hasn't seen the light of day since our months living in old Edith.  Being able to see my design up on the wall is certain to motivate me to finish this ad hoc creation.   Guess what Belle will be working on soon? ;o)

Meanwhile, Belle is now nestled against the 1930's dining table I use for cutting, with my computerized Janome sitting at the other end.  It's a cozy set-up.  My ironing board had to be moved to become accessible to either machine and that seemed a bit of a trick to figure out in the limited space, but I think I've made it workable.   A lovely discovery was finding that the cabinet housing Belle is at the same height as my cutting table, so it seemed meant to be!  Please believe that the mess you're seeing (a sliver of) means that I've been busy sewing and not just digging through my fabric bins to pull out scraps to play with or WIPs that need finishing. ahem.
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  1. You have created a beautiful studio, Katherine! I actually think the dark panelling makes your quilt "pop". I use the tape as well to hold blocks up!! And Belle looks like she has settled in very nicely.... I'm still envious!

  2. I am in the progress of straightening and organizing my sewing space. I started in our basement. Brr too cold. Then I moved up to the Dining room, too messy and we use ot from time to time- a real pain. Now I have fully taken over our den and moved a couch into the other room. Whew, lots of stuff to move around.

    I am loving your green quilt. Beautiful. I think your work is so pretty- all of your things. You have a good eye.

  3. Glad to see belle is fitting in nicely!!! Doesn't matter how much space you have to craft it's never enough. I have a craft room 13 x 10 with worksurface around 2 walls, heaps of storage BUT tons of craft stuff. I need a bigger room!!

  4. Katherine, love your patchworks and quilts.

  5. How nice to have a large room to work in!
    And very clever solution to seeing the WIP quilt on the wall.


  6. I love the wip. It's looking lovely. Hurray for painters tape! What would we do without it?


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