Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whirrrrrr and Brrrrrr

What can I say? Many, many days ago, I left you  wondering about the possibility of a tutorial for the mini backpack coin purse design. The answer is, "Yes, I'll do it!"  I'm working on some techie bits and hope to share it soon.  Meantime I thought I'd show you progress on one of the projects I've been keeping Belle whirring away stitching.
It's my free form quilt design made completely from scraps.  I wanted to challenge myself to take a colour that I don't use much and be creative with the odd bits of fabric from previous projects to make something that develops as I go along.   I've still got a healthy supply of scraps to go!
As for the "Brrrrr..." I referenced in my title, we've been having some chilly winter temperatures so I was especially thrilled to find a special package in my mail a couple of days ago.  Look at the lovely pine box my flannel treasure arrived in.  This box is now holding fabric treasures in my sewing room.

 Last month, I became the lucky winner of Dana's giveaway and after letting her know which style I wanted,  this beauty was made just for me! Can you believe it?
 The nightie is so beautifully made and the finishing details are divine.  I adore the sweet pin tucks on the yoke and the pretty piping.   Here's my dress dummy, Mabel, modelling my nightie.  That's right, this nightie goes right to the floor for extra coziness and believe me, this is one cozy nightie.  I absolutely love it!  Thank you so much, Dana.
I joked with Dana that the nightie is so cozy that I would wear it all day if I could.  Hmmm...maybe if I put an apron over it I could wear it all day and still keep the nightie nice and white. lol  Although, I'm sure to receive some teasing.  Just seeing the nightie sparked some good natured teasing from my teenaged sons... something to the effect that now I could look like a character from all those Jane Austen movies I continually watch.  Ha, ha, my boys.  Maybe this Jane Austen character will stop cooking for her offspring. ;o)


  1. Beautiful nightgown - and spectacular quilt! I love the freeform and somewhat random design combined with the controlled colour scheme - YUMMY! What a great project to work on "on the fly" - as you have time, and come across scraps in the right colour. Hmmmmmmmm I think it would look quite lovely in white with orange :) Of course, it helps that I have a stack of oranges waiting for the perfect project ;)

  2. Love your new quilt-to-be! So good for you to challenge yourself using a non-favourite colour and I love the random lay-out!

    That’s such a sweet gift you reveived from Dana!

  3. How fun to win such a beautiful gift, Katherine. I can certainly see you wearing that while watching your favourite Jane Austen adaptations. I can relate to the brrrr too, we're going for record low temps here for this time of year.

  4. Your backpack coin purses are jusr too adorable! What a cute idea.

    And that flannel nighty looks so warm and cozy. We've had the coldest winter in years...something like that would have come in handy. :-)


  5. The quilt is wonderful and I am looking forward to the tutorial.
    Did you sew the quilt with "Belle"?

  6. Beautiful quilt... and an amazing nightgown! I would love to have one... it looks SO comfy! :)

    I wanted to say THANK YOU because you are my VERY FIRST comment on my blog! When I saw it today, I was SO, SO Happy!!! Thank you!! I am TRYING to get more people to read my blog, but I am not quite sure how to do so. Any suggestions?

  7. I am looking forward to the mini backpack tutorial too!! Can't wait!

  8. What a beautiful nightie, You are a very lucky guy!!!!!!!


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