Thursday, March 3, 2011

It had to be patchwork!

 Playing around with the one piece design of this bag, from this book, I made a patchwork version.

There's just something lovely about combining quilting cottons with linen, especially when they're shades of blue.  I find it irresistible.  Every time I make a project with linen, I want to make all future projects in linen.  I love it that much!

Along with changing the basic design into patchwork, I also lined and quilted the bag.

One of my favourite features?  Using the lovely blue cotton I received from Nicolette, to make binding for finishing the seams and for the lining of the bag.  I have been waiting for just the right project to use some of her gifted fabric.  Thank you, my friend!

From a friendship started in blog land, I learned that Nicolette shares my love of the colour blue, linen and patchwork and quilting.   It seems only fitting that I call this new version, "Nicolette". 


  1. Oh heavens that's GORGEOUS!! The fabrics are delicious!

  2. Blue! Why am I not surprised! Lovely!
    Your love of blue reminds me of how I am with neutrals.

  3. what a cute bag! love the colors with the linen. very lovely.

  4. i heart blue too.... :D
    very lovely..

  5. Such a pretty bag! I love blue too, and I love linen. I also made some linen/cotton bags recently. Thanks for sharing the book with us - but now it's going to go on my wishlist... must not buy any more books!

  6. So pretty and quite a useful shape too! Linen is the bee's knees!!!

  7. I love patchwork and I love using fabric that means something. Beautiful colors!

  8. Nice bag you have made and wonderful colours. I've tried out your tutorial on the coin purse, and it was really great. Thank's:))


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