Sunday, March 6, 2011

The temptation was too strong

so I grabbed my rotary cutter and found myself playing with pretty fabrics
rather than grabbing my seam ripper to to de-construct this quilt top (which in honesty I've decided that I just don't like - so why would I go ahead a make it into a quilt?).
The inspiration for my latest obsession is the "Salad" pattern found in this book that I showed in an earlier post.
Looking at the top above that I decided that I don't want to make into a quilt, the glaring truth for me is that I just didn't love that fabric.  It was made using fabric that I had thrifted and was coming from a limited quilting fabric stash at the time.  I was using what I had on hand, which is good, but also can be limiting.  At this point in time I have a larger inventory of fabrics to choose from and I have been adding fabrics that I love to that stash.    It's a simple truth I've learned - you just have to follow your heart and use fabrics that you love  - which sometimes is something I find challenging because I tend to hoard or "save" my most favourite fabrics.  So, I decided enough is enough.  Grab those "special to me" fabrics and get busy.

My trusty Belle was up for the challenge and after a couple of afternoons of piecing,

I've managed to cover my "design wall" with this.

The original pattern makes a lap quilt, but I'm so in love with these fabrics and this fun design that I've decided to make a quilt to fit my bed.  I'm having a blast working with fabrics I love and  can imagine the joy I will feel seeing them on my bed.  So I have no regrets giving into the temptation. ;o)


  1. The quilt is going to be beautiful and I agree with you about something you don't love, you know you can always donate the top to a charity. i am sure someone will love it.
    Have a great time stitching

  2. Looks terrific and you will truly love it if these are fabrics you have been hoarding. There are many charity groups who will take the other quilt top and finish it off for someone in need. Cherrie

  3. Wow.. fun design wall you have there.. i'm so tempted! :D

  4. Wow! It's beautiful, and even more fun that you got to use all the favorite fabrics you've been saving! I'm sure you'll treasure it forever.

  5. I agree with Christine. Donate the first. It just doesn't say "Katherine" to me, whereas the second one screams your name!

  6. add me to the list that thinks you should donate the first quilt. loving your new quilt; so bright and happy!

  7. As far as I can judge the pictures with my blurry vision, I’m sure you would love the sampler quilt with different colour sashings. It reminds me of my first quilt-along quilt at crazymomquilts?!

    As for the happy fabric blocks, that’s definitely more like you!

  8. Artistically, temptation is the greatest of experiences. I'll bet that you were exhilarated! I find, that when that happens the outcome is fantastic. As your quilt top is. I can imagine waking up to this and just letting it charge your day.
    Good going!!

  9. I saw that same Salad pattern and loved it. I love the fabrics too.

    How about donating your quilt top, the one you dont like, to charity? Just a thought. It seems a shame to rip it up. Its pretty.

  10. love the new quilt! what fun, bright colors (all my faves!!) it will look GORGEOUS on your bed:-)


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