Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2011

The quilt I chose to share this BQF, is one I made from my collection of plaid shirts for and from my oldest teen-aged son.  Throughout his growing up years, plaid shirts have been his wardrobe staple, so quite naturally, this led to me saving any he outgrew.  I did add in a few thrifted shirts to give more variety, but this quilt was made from shirts that my son wore as far back as when he was 5 years old.

Although this is the second quilt made for him from the plaid shirts I've been collecting (click here to see my first plaid quilt), it's my first experience making a quilt using hexagons.
 Before attempting making the quilt, I decided to give myself a practice run making plaid hexagons, so I designed a reading pillow using them.  This smaller project allowed me to see how much of  a challenge it would be to cut and match all those plaids (because I made the hexagons using a trapezoid pattern I was able to sew it by machine, but it did involve fussy cutting every single trapezoid so that the hexagons wouldn't end up looking pieced - unless closely inspected ;o).  Happy with how the pillow turned out, I decided to undertake making the quilt for his bed.
I finished off his quilt using a solid flannel shirt for the backing and then bound the quilt in plaid flannel, making this a very cozy and homey looking quilt.   My son was happy to add some more plaid to his bed and I'm happy to have re-purposed those special shirts.
Thanks Amy, for the opportunity to be a part of another wonderful and inspiring BQF!  To see other entries go here.


  1. Love. love. love this quilt!

  2. This makes a fabulous 'boy' quilt. Just love how you've put it all together and that reading pillow is cool too!

  3. How fun is that... putting two joys together in one weekend, blogging and quilting!

  4. What a great guy quilt and the best part is that you recycled his shirts. Love the reading pillow too, that's very clever.

  5. Hi Katherine!
    What a wonderful quilt. You are so talented!
    I love that you used your son's shirts; a comfy keepsake. :-)


  6. Great hexie quilt. I love the fact that you saved his shirts and returned them in this special way.

  7. What a great hexagon quilt. You sewed them together by your sewingmachine? Wasn'that difficult to get the corners net?
    I really love the result. Also lookd at the other plaid shirt, also beautiful.
    The pumpkins are for eating, there are so many recipes, for decorating house and courtyard and the chickens love to eat them in winter....

  8. This is a wonderful quilt and such a nice memory piece too!


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