Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday finish...

Yay! It's done.  I took the scraps and linen I gave previous glimpses of  to make a removable cushion cover.  Initially, I had no design in mind, I just wanted to make a cover combining patchwork and linen.  This design developed as I worked with it.
I could go on and on about the love I have for linen.  It goes so well with patchwork and can be formal or playful looking depend on what you put with it.  Obviously, I'm going for a more playful look with the bright colours and basic hand embroidery stitching.  Linen is such a perfect canvas for experimenting.
Love the texture created by all my straight line machine quilting.  I  had some fun using 5 different coloured threads for the machine quilting!
 Like I said, when I started this project I didn't have the whole design worked out, which includes not knowing what I would use for the backing or for the piping.  A good dig through my stash and I found a lovely multi hued batik that became the piping and this Sandi Henderson print for the backing.  What a match!
This finish has only prompted me to head back to the scrap bin,  grab more of the  linen  to go with it and start stitching. Funny how one project so often leads to another. lol Stay tuned. :o)


  1. How fun and cheerful! That will certainly brighten up your living room. Love the piping you made and that backing fabric is gorgeous too. I need to make some springy covers from my couch throw cushions - the felted wool quilt is looking a little wintery right now (although I keep using it each night to feel cozy). Beautiful, Katherine and I hope your weather is getting to be as springy as that pillow. ;-)

  2. What a lovely pillow and the design and quilting are so fresh!

  3. i often find that projects 'with no design in mind' turn out the best. your pillow is lovely. i love the handstitching and button details!

  4. The colours work really well together - it looks lovely!

    Pomona x


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