Thursday, June 2, 2011

I bet you knew

from my sneak peek photos, that I was using those charms of Picnic and Fairgrounds to make another pillow cover.   What's with all the pillow covers I keep making?  What can I say, I believe the linen I was gifted is really what started it all.... ;o)
I just can't resist linen and patchwork (obviously, right?).  

 This pillow is destined for our living room, so with oyster coloured upholstery as the backdrop, I thought a darker print for the flip side of the pillow would be a good choice.
Once again I used my invisible zipper foot attachment on my Singer 15-91.  Not only does adding a zipper make the cover easy to remove, it also uses less fabric for the pillow's back than other styles of closure use.  Although, I will admit that sewing in an invisible zipper gets trickier when there's piping involved, but I still think it's worth trying.
Four pillow covers into this, I'm not sure I'm ready to stop, but I bet you knew this too. After all, I still have some bits of linen begging to be used.  ;o)


  1. There you are again, m'dear... making my eyes a gift of the most int'resting and delightful kind.

    What fun!

  2. I love your cushion covers - the reverse fabric works really well.

    Pomona x

  3. Hey... I just 'met' a new blogger and she had the most interesting sewing project on the go. Thought you'd like a peek.... here's the link:

  4. I really like all the linen and patchwork cushions you've been making. I think I'm going to have to watch for a sale on linen.

  5. What a lovely pillow you made! I love linen and cotton together. Such nice zakka look!!

  6. i love all these pillows you've been making with your scraps! You have actually inspired me to organize my scraps into individual bins for each color! This is the first time i've done such a thing. Up till now i've always thrown my scraps into one large bucket. now that i see all the colors in their own separate bins I am imagining a whole new world of possibilities! can't wait to make some pillows!

  7. I picked up some Denyse Schmidt fabric last week. Not sure if it was picnic and fairgrounds or not. I chose mostly the blues and greens. Love this cushion!

  8. I strongly believe you can't have too many pillows! I would expect nothing less than patchwork from you my dear! Lovely as always!

  9. Your sewing style had become so zakka!! Love it!


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