Monday, July 4, 2011

What happened to the other HST blocks?

Funny how my little experiment with half square triangles led to making an unexpected quilt.  I found those HSTs irresistible.  Just in case you wondered what I decided to make from those two blocks, I thought I'd show you.  A pair of cushion covers!

 Nothing fancy here.  I just quilted the blocks and made some binding to hold the front and back covers together.
 I did have a little trick up my sleeve when it came time to make the back of the covers.  I found two shirts in my stash (ones that hadn't been de-buttoned...;o) and cut the shirt fronts so that their chest pockets would be featured on the cushion backs.  I'm thinking it would be great to tuck  lavender sachets into those pockets.
After the gorgeous long weekend we had here, and some time spent in my sewing room, I'm taping some new ideas up on my design wall.  I'm trying to finish up some of my on going projects and resist the lure of starting some more.  I think I could write a series on "What happened to...?" in regards to a few too many of my projects.   Oh, well.   At least the turn around time on this project wasn't too long. ;o)

Hoping all my Canadian friends had a great Canada Day long weekend and that all my American friends are enjoying their Independence Day celebrations!


  1. Pretty cushion covers!

    We had a fabulous long weekend here too - the weather was spectacular :) We got together with hubby's family and had a great time :)

  2. Fabulous pillow covers!!

    Long and happy weekends are the best! We don’t have official long weekends left untill Christmas time. But for me, with almost no clients orders left and working from home I have very, very long weekends if I want to!

  3. Look at you! Aren't you clever!
    Hope you all had a great 4th!

  4. I can relate to the "what happened to..." series. That's one that needs to catch on! You are funny and clever. ;)


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