Thursday, September 22, 2011

In too deep?

I can't think of any way better to describe this craziness for sewing with scraps.  I'm in deep.  Why else would you come up with something like this? LOL

Currently, this WIP is waiting for me to decide how to proceed.  Originally, I was going to make a pillow.  Then I thought it would make a great table mat.  Next, I thought it would make a perfect runner for a dresser because it matches the quilt I'm making for my bed and the linen + patchwork pillows I've already made for my "bed".  If I decide to make it into a runner for a dresser, I'm going to have to convince my husband into buying me that antique dresser I've had my eye on.  Would be pointless to have a runner for a dresser when there's no dresser to put it on! It would end up being a floor runner. Uh-oh.  That gives me another idea for using up more scraps.  See?  I really am in DEEP.


  1. I vote for the dresser. Your husband will have to understand. You have a vital reason to buy it!

  2. You suffer from a serious scrap-virus. Antique dressers are the only cure!

  3. Antique dressers and your pretty patchwork? A perfect match.

  4. Don't forget you'll also need a matching rug, curtains, rugs for the insides of your wardrobes and drawer liners too...

    then you might as well make yourselves matching nightwear!

  5. I spent the better part of today sewing my scraps. I decided to make some doll quilts for gifts or maybe even to sell. I have so much fun using the scraps. So I totally get what you are saying. Yah know if people think I am a fabric hoarder than so be it. I think it is a pretty good vice- as vices go.


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