Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's in the details.

Details like buttons.  I have added fabric, mother of pearl, coconut and even a couple of buttons from Sculpey clay, onto a mini quilt I'm working on.
 The buttons combined with some decorative hand stitches,
 are helping me get closer to finishing.  The whole design has been an unfolding process, as I experiment  with various ideas (this really means I'm making this up as I go along - which is fun, but means a slower time frame on this WIP, while I let inspiration show me the way to finishing).   As excited as I am to complete this project, I'm finding that I'm enjoying developing the design as I work on it.  Yes, it's a slower way to go about things,  but it also feels like I have so many options to play with, since there's no pattern to follow.   So, I work away on this project as the ideas come to me and I feel the reward of my patience and the joy that comes with hand sewing.  It's all good. ;o)
Anyways, you can see from the open area at the bottom of this mini quilt, I'm not done yet, but thought I'd show you my progress.  Now, I can't help but wonder if you like to have a project that you take your time on, pondering over it and perhaps even savouring the time it takes to complete....Care to share?


  1. Funny you should mention coconut buttons - I'd never heard of them or even seen them until I spotted a package on ebay a few weeks ago - I was so enamored that I ordered a bunch from China - I'm waiting for them to arrive :D I have 2 friends in the States that dream of retiring to Hawaii eventually, so I've been trying to collect Hawaii-type items for a little gift package - I thought coconut buttons would work perfectly! I ordered extra for me :D

    I love all of your handwork and embellishments - I can't really think of anything different you could add, other than definitely using embroidery with some kind of 3D item ... maybe prairie points somehow, or something origami-ish?

  2. It looks great Katherine, I love your mini quilt. Hope one day I can make something like that too, me being a beginner.

  3. Love this! Absolutely love the details and design.


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