Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Working toward a finish... or two

I suppose if you read here somewhat regularly, you may wonder if all I do is start projects. :o)  I will admit that I tend to be the type that likes to have more than one project on the go at any given time.  I'm the same way when it comes to  books.  I do eventually finish what I start, very rarely do I completely walk away from a WIP.  This week I'm focusing on getting some of my projects out of the WIP stack.  Case in point in the Wedding Ring quilt made from vintage sheets.   It's not that it's a complicated quilt, but my delay came with preparing the batting and backing.  I think I pieced a bazillion batting scraps together for this quilt and then I  pieced two fabrics for the backing.  That slowed my enthusiasm a bit, but I wanted it done, so  I stayed up last night basting (my least favourite part in quilt making... bleh...) so I could get to quilting it.  Happily,  I finished machine quilting  today and quickly moved onto adding the binding.  I'm hoping to have the binding stitched down tonite.  Then I'll only have 2 quilts waiting to be basted.

 Instead of scaring you by showing you all the projects I currently have on the go (which include some knitting, some crochet and some *a little red-faced over this one*  ahem...embroidery...), I thought I'd show a glimpse of the progress I made on my mini quilt.  I haven't finished hand quilting all that I intend to, but I jumped ahead and added a binding - with a few well placed basting stitches keeping everything in place until I decide on the finishing stitches.  I'm also toying with some extra embellishments... like fabric yo-yos and some special buttons.
So tell me, do you like to have several projects on the go at one time or are you strictly a one project-at-a-time maker?


  1. Until I started quilting, I rarely had more than one project on the go at a time. Before that, most of my sewing involved sewing things for our kids (clothes, Halloween costumes) or for our house, like curtains, tablecloths and place mats, etc. Of necessity, those usually needed to be finished quickly. I actually get to feeling overwhelmed if I have too many project on the go and unfinished, hence my "Year of Getting Things Done."

    Of course, sometimes a project just calls out to be started even while working on that to-do list, like the Smiling Sunshine quilt I started Monday.

  2. Ha!!! What are the chances that we would both post about this today??? That simple fact has me grinning from ear to ear. So, I guess I don't need to answer the question again. You've already seen how deep I'm in! But hey, at least we are in this together. Yay!

    Hugs to you, dear friend. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  3. Hi! I love you Blog!!! Love! :) The colours are fantastic! This Blog-world is new to me. I'll come back to see your Blog. My daughter just made for me also a blog. Welcome!

  4. I too have many projects on the go at one time.....and many more in my head that I just don't have the time to start. So I make myself little notes about the ideas I'd like to try. I have a bit of a problem finding the time finish up projects...once they get to 'the shelf'.

  5. I just read Amandajean’s post, so fun to see you both struggle with multiple projects and WIPs and... you’re not alone! I also work on quite some projects at the same time, and start new ones.

    When I decluttered my sewing space, I decided to stop working on the quilts that don’t appeal to me anymore (some blocks are made during workshops and classes) and to put the fabrics back into my stash. The blocks will find their way into some other small project.
    This is not the circle of lifem but the circle of quilting!

  6. Why red faced about the embroidery? It looks great! You're getting so much finished. I've got a massive pile of WIPs, 3 stitchy ones (and a fourth to be started tonight), 6 crochet WIPs, 1 quilting WIP and 2 sewing WIPs... oh dear... better get on with it!

  7. Dude! You are so not the only one that has fifty million things going. It is totally embarrassing for me. But the good thing is we are not alone!

    Lovin' the floral- cant wait to see it.

    I am about to put some binding on another quilt that I finally wrapped up. It's like I had four quilts in a queue - all of them finishing at the same time.

  8. Love the way your vintage sheet quilt looks. Won't it be nice to have that one done and be able to use it -those colours will be so cheery.

  9. I always have several projects on the go at the same time - I have a short attention span (which explains why I make so many small projects, lol) and I just like having many things to play with at the same time! I did a challenge this year and finished 7 UFO's between January and June, and on my own I've been working on the last 6 UFO's I had stashed away - I'm on target to finish them by the end of the year - then everything is a "WIP" (work in progress) rather than a UFO :D


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