Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My method to the madness...

is placing a small design board to keep my block layouts clear and understandable for piecing, right in front of me while I sew.

This set-up allows me to keep the blocks scrappy and keeps me from mixing pieces up as I sew.  Crazy as this may look, it works for me! lol
Belle has been humming along in the evenings piecing Scrappy Bento Box Blocks in my effort to make a quilt from this charming block.

(Do you like my task lighting?... I need to replace Belle's lightbulb, but find that this Ott lite does the trick quite nicely. Oh, in case you're wondering about the wooden stick with the #20 on it placed under the stitch length lever... the numerals on the machine have worn away, so this stick allows me to find 20stitches/inch quickly and accurately - thanks to my clever husband for this idea)

 Just to prove that my mad method for block piecing actually works, check out my progress.

From another view, here's the line-up (not arranged in their final layout, just yet).  I think with a bit more piecing, I'll have a quilt top!
 I want this to be a quilt for our living room to coordinate with the scrappy red pillows I made a little while back.  That should make the room merry and bright (while putting a dent in the stash of reds I seem to have accumulated... ha! we know that won't happen.  Not unless I stop adding red fabrics to the stash.  Shhh... please don't tell the man of the house that it's a losing battle. lol).


  1. WOW, GREAT, I love those colors, so vibrant.

  2. Love it! I stuck some cotton batting on my wall to create a design wall--makes it so much easier to keep track of the squares.

  3. What a great idea. My design board is way across the room and hard to really keep track of what I am doing. Being 79 I can't always remember what is what.
    Love red so of course I love your bento box quilt. Pam

  4. Now... I am envy you! Our two bedrooms apartment is only 630sq.ft. It might be the size of someone's living room. I have no place to have a design wall. I have to move my furniture before I lay the quilt down. I love your red and white quilt! I am still the big fan of the colors. I envy you twice more.. :-)

  5. WOW if I put up a design wall (mine is a sheet of styrofoam on the wall - TRES ugly!) in front of my sewing machine will my stitching be as accurate as yours???!?! I WISH, LOL!


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