Thursday, February 23, 2012

Button Heart Pins

Remember these crochet hearts? 

I thought about making them into a bunting for my sewing room, but then I accidentally ( um... this happens  when I have several projects spilled out on the table at the same time) came up with adding pretty buttons, to make them extra special.

Then I remembered I had a package of jewelry pin backs gathered from a thrifting foray.  A few quick stitches later, I can  now pin my colourful hearts to bags, collars or whatever I fancy.  Thought I'd share the idea with you, in case you  need a quick, simple gift.

On another topic...  having read other posts about the annoyance of having 2 ( sometimes very, very hard to read) words to enter to prove you're not a robot when leaving comments on Blogger... I decided to shut off word verification on my blog.   Within 24 hours, I was spammed, more than a half dozen times.  sigh.  Feeling frustrated, I've turned the word verification back on.   Anybody know a way around having to use word verification that doesn't invite spam?


  1. No idea how to switch of spam as well as word verification. I get spam, but only about a half dozen a week, not a day. Once in a blue moon I get three together, but I just delete them and get on with it. I guess it all depends how much spam you get. If mine ramped up then I would probably have to revert to word verification again. Meanwhile, your hearts are so sweet.

  2. Love the heart pins - nice idea x

  3. What a cleaver idea for your little hearts. I love those buttons. Are they old or available in the stores...and where?

  4. The spammers must like you more than they like me - I don't think I even get one spam a month, lol. I have comment moderation turned on and rarely have to delete anything.

    The heart pins are cute!

  5. Love the heart pins!

    I'm having the same issues as you - I switched of word verification and am being spammed like crazy. They don't show up in my comment box but were being emailed to me (as all my comments are) so I set up a filter to sideline all the messages from Anonymous to a separate folder that I can check from time to time before batch deleting them. It seems to be working so far .... The new word verification dements me.

  6. Love your idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Those are cute. I found you through Faith76. I'm loving your quilting and applique pictures. I have no idea about the way around spam - don't think there is one unfortunately.

  8. I found disabling anonymous comments did the long as that was left on I was getting spammed..though most got caught by the built in spam control in blogger.


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