Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Finish - Double Zip Wallet

This week, I have a rewarding and pretty little finish!

Liberty quilting weight cottons from the Bloomsbury Collection

  I sewed the Double Zip Wallet, Noodlehead pattern, (found in Handmade Style: 23 Must-Have Basics to Stitch, Use, and Wear) using Liberty quilting weight cottons, paired with linen. 

I have had this pattern in the back of my mind, since last year, when I made a couple of Rainbow Clutches also designed by Anna Graham.  Her designs are so appealing and her patterns give great results.

Despite most of my sewing supplies being boxed up and in storage for the past half a year due to a temporary rental home (and with another move in a few days), I was determined to sew one of these cleverly designed wallets.

I searched through the baggie of  assorted zippers I had found at the thrift store this summer and found two the same size and almost the same shade of blue.  The next notion hurdle I faced was a snap for the flap. I have a supply - but in storage and I wanted to avoid buying more if I could, so I decided I could remove a snap from a prototype design I created a few years ago, to use in this new wallet.

Success!  What a lovely treat to have a pretty finish to mark our last week, renting on the mountain! 


  1. And what pretty Liberty fabrics you have Katherine ! Lovely purse for a lovely lady!

  2. Your wallet is gorgeous! Blue and white has always been my favorite combo and I love florals. I made one zippered pouch that was a Noodlehead design and the directions were great. I'm so glad you were able to scrounge up enough supplies to make this wallet. It feels so good to finish a project, especially when it comes out so nice. Hopefully, with your next move you will be able to completely unpack your sewing treasures.

  3. A very pretty wallet. What fun reading how you scraped together enough supplies to get this made. LOL. I’m guessing you will miss life on the mountain. Well, maybe not if you were snowed in for months, but the mountains are so beautiful to be in. Looking forward to your new posts in your new home (?).

  4. Oh this is beautiful!WOW
    Have a fun week on the mountain and a perfect adventure to your next move.
    Hoping for the best!!!

  5. Your fabrics are so pretty, and the wallet finished up nicely. Good luck with the move and all it entails.


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