I did warn that I'd be showing more of my finds from the thrift sale over the weekend. ;o)
First, a close up of a spool showing the label reading, " made in Great Britain". Can anyone tell me if this is a modern or current brand?
Now on with more of my finds.... here are fabric swatches (10 for a buck). Some are cotton and I found some 100% linen as well. I even scooped a swatch of leather (might work nice on a hat, I'm thinking).
This is my crazy mish mash of fabrics. I was looking for bag making pieces. I was aiming for "bold", but according to my guys, some of these are just plain "BAD". C'est le vie. Good enough for prototypes if nothing else.

Goodies from the notion room. I'm pretty certain that I should never have to pay retail for press snaps again.

Unlike last year, I could only find a wee supply of ric rac. I guess I'm not the only one gathering this stuff to use.
This has to be THE FIND. The bag full of commercial grade denim snaps, studs and rivets had to weigh at least 2 pounds. It also included the hand tools to apply them. Guess I better get designing projects to use these up!
Not the greatest photo of this. It's a bag chocked full of fake fur. You wouldn't believe the selection of this stuff crammed into this one bag. A toymakers dream. I see some more teddy bear making in my future. Spying the neon orange and cookie monster blue fur, my oldest son was teasing me that I had some genuine "Muppet fur" in this lot.
I walked away with some sample books again this year. More than what I bought last year actually. I was looking for natural fibre as much as possible. The thought of doing some piecework projects with them had me hunting them out.

Beyond adding to my thrifted stash of zippers, I was also on the look for fasteners and findings. I managed to amass a good assortment of buckles and slides for future bags and hat projects. Among the unique finds was a buckle/slide made of etched glass with silver on the reverse to make it sparkly.

I have managed to sort and group all my finds into a organized system. It did mean that I had to employ a few new containers to manage this. Yes. I now have towers of storage containers in my creative space. The sewing room may soon require me to wear a hard hat for protection while in there. LOL


  1. i googled the thread...go to this link to learn more

  2. Please don't show any more as I'm green with envy!!. I remember the sylko thread still got some reels in my sewing box.

  3. Lucky lady! I love the trim and ric rac you found. Did you use up your stash from last year yet?

  4. I have a lot of sylko thread here, but it is all 'vintage' haven't seen it in the shops in australia, so I am thinking they must of gone out of business or changed their name.. I collect wooden cottom reels (have about 250) and a lot are sylko.. maybe google them??
    great haul you got!

  5. What great finds! It's funny cos I'm going to get into teddy bear making as well soon, I got a mohair kit at home and hope to post about it soon. Thanks for sharing all these treasures with us ^_^ Virginie from


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