Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This one is for keeps.

The first two messenger bags I made using the pattern from Oliver + S book, were gifts for my nieces, but I loved the design so much,  I wanted one to keep.  Liesl has given the messenger bag in two sizes, so this time around, I made the bag in the largest given size.  No matter which size you make, this design is a fantastic canvas for combining favourite fabrics and/or embellishments.
Thinking that  Autumn is just around the corner, I  chose colours more in sync with the upcoming season.   Two of my hoarded Amy Butler fabrics are paired with a medium weight denim and then the self-made bias binding is Henna Garden from Sandi Henderson
 I love how the green binding "pops" next to the navy blue of the denim.  Good thing I made a lot of this binding... I want to use it on everything!  It's my new favourite.  Honestly, choosing the fabrics is always one of my favourite parts of any project.  I am very tempted to make more of these bags just to try out some other fabric combinations. ;o)
The details on this bag make it so fun!  Although,  I'm still debating over adding snaps to the striped pocket flaps.  I didn't put snaps on the versions I made for my nieces.  I figured that snaps might frustrate their little fingers.  I'm half inclined to think I might be annoyed by having them on my bag (not that my fingers are little, but I hate closures that may impede quick access to pockets).  Hmmmm.  Perhaps once I use the bag, I'll have a better idea whether the snaps would be a good idea or not.
 For the main slider on the strap, I found a vintage belt buckle (another from my bountiful thrift  stash) and just removed the prong that would secure the buckle to the holes in a belt.  This way the strap will slide smoothly through the buckle, just like a slider is meant to.  I also included the inset zippered pocket on the back of my bag, bringing the total number of pockets on my bag up to six.  I like to keep the contents of my bags organized so I can't have too many pockets!
 I'm all set to switch my wallet and other purse paraphernalia (such as this matching wristlet), from the one I made last year, into my new bag. 
A new bag for a new season.  Do you have bags for each season?


  1. That's a beauty...

    Yes, I like new bags for each season (well, spring and fall I usually shift to a new one).

  2. Wauw this one is really a beauty!!!!

    I have for every season an other bag, o no it's for every month ;-)

  3. looks fabulous...but please don't wish for fall just yet!

  4. katherine, your bag is lovely. especially like the thought of using denim for the inside. i have made some denim quilts which i love but for anything else my girls think that denim is kind of old style and have discouraged me using it to make purses but this adds a beautiful lift to denim. I bet they will change their minds when they see this!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment at the girlfriend gap. Yea! made my day! as you see I'm new to blogging and haven't gotten very many comments. commenting gives me a chance to come and visit you :) I especially loved seeing your vintage sheet quilts. I am in the collecting sheet stage. and also collecting ideas. loved both designs. hope you'll visit me again. yes the giddy feeling of winning is so much fun. yesterday was such a sweet day! have a blessed day! happy stitching

  5. amazing once again! I don't typically buy a purse for each season, but I, too, like to have lots of pockets to keep things organized. seeing all these bags you're making is tempting me to make one too! Maybe when the ids are back in school next week i'll have more time.

  6. Lovely bag!I haven't make any bags to myself for a very long time. The size of the bag you made seem small?? It looks so nice! I'd love to make S one when she is a little bit bigger!

  7. That is a great messenger bag. It has nice structure and great pockets etc. The one I made for my daughter for school last year just didnt last. Bummer! I would make this one though. Love the colors.

  8. I like it! I like the shape and the combination of AB + denim - and I particularly enjoy the thrifted aspect - bonus! BTW - there's no such thing as "too many pockets", lol.

  9. I love your bag beautiful fabric choice. No I wear my bag till I think I want another one, sometimes after one year or more....


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